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(*Registration to the website is only available to those naval veterans who are members of NFPC)
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Information about the NFPC including its History, Office Bearers – both past and present, Membership Regulations and Application for Membership
Details of Events conducted by the NFPC along with select Photo Galleries
Details of Important Contacts
Details of various Identity Cards required to be carried by ESM
Links to read/purchase various publications of interest to veterans such as DESA and NAVPEN Newsletters,
Details of Various CSD and INCS Facilities available to NFPC Veterans in Pune and Mumbai, as well as details regarding canteen limits, application for cards, etc
Details of sports and recreational facilities available to NFPC Veterans such as RSAMI, SSTASC and RWITC
Pension Entitlements applicable to Naval Veterans, requirements that veterans are to meet to ensure continuous payment of pension and details of various authorities handling pensionary matters
Medical Information of Interest to veterans including details about ECHS, Military Hospitals in Pune and Mumbai, SeHAT OPD Systems and Covid-19 related information
Unrestricted access to all Photo Galleries
Documents of Interest to Veterans including various Guidebooks, Policy Letters, Advisories, Aide Memoires, etc covering Pension, CSD, ECHS, Medical and Misc subjects
Forms required for various purposes concerning Pensionary matters, applications for Identity Cards, those to be filled up on the death of a pensioner and miscellaneous subjects
Best Practices for Veterans including making a will, maintenance of bank accounts, nominations in respect of financial assets, online security, keeping a master folder, important personal information to be kept securely, and actions to be taken on the death of a veteran
Minutes of Various AGMs, GCMs and SGMs of Navy Foundation, RGC (W) and NFPC
Facility to Add, View and Delete Blog Posts submitted by NFPC Members
Facility to view details of all NFPC Members including a social list