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Membership Rules


  • Any person who has served in the Royal Indian Navy, the Indian Navy including Short Service Commission and the Naval Reserves as a Commissioned Officer, is solvent and of sound mind, and has not been convicted by a Court of Law in a criminal case, shall be eligible to become a member of the Foundation and can apply for membership.
  • Serving Naval Officers whilst holding the appointments of Chief of the Naval Staff, Principal Director of Ex-servicemen Affairs, Principal Director of Non-Public Funds, and Judge Advocate General shall be the ex-officio members of the Foundation with full voting rights.

Categories of Members

  • Ordinary Members Any person who is eligible to become Member, may become an Ordinary Member for life on payment by him of the subscription as may be specified by the NFPC from time to time. For officers who have retired after Jan 2019, IHQ MoD (N) is directly deducting the membership fee from their retiring benefits and remitting the amount to NFPC through bank account.
  • Honorary Members The Governing Council may at its’ discretion invite eminent persons interested in maritime affairs to become Honorary Members of the Foundation. The Foundation may also invite widows of naval officers to be the Honorary Members of the Foundation. Honorary Membership unless specified for a period will be for life. No subscription shall be payable.
  • Members With Foreign Citizenship Indian Navy veterans with foreign citizenship will continue to be enrolled members of the Navy Foundation at any Chapter. The concerned Chapter is to seek security clearance from DNI for any such veterans in India, who wish to attend an event held in a Defence environment (eg. mess or service institution).


Members shall, at the time of admission, pay a fee of Rs 2000/- (Rs. 1,500/= as one-time life membership fee and Rs. 500 towards entry fee) to be retained by the respective Chapter. The full amount is to be transferred from the old to the new Chapter in the event of the member moving to another Chapter within one year of retirement from the IN. On moving to another Chapter after one year only, the one time life membership of Rs. 1,500/= is to be transferred from the old to the new Chapter.

Voting Rights

Members shall have voting right at the General Body Meetings of the Chapters. Honorary members and members with foreign citizenship may attend such meetings, but shall have no rights to vote.

Cessation Of Membership

The membership of any person shall stand automatically terminated on his/her death or resignation.

The Executive Council shall be entitled to terminate the membership of any person, if a resolution is passed by it that a member has acted in a manner prejudicial to the aims and objects of the Foundation. The membership shall stand terminated from a date as specified in the resolution or from the date of passing of the resolution if no such date is stated.

In addition, the Executive Council may order the termination of membership of any person, if it is satisfied that:-

  • He/she has been found to be of unsound mind by a court of law, or
  • He/she has been convicted by a criminal court of an offence involving moral turpitude, or
  • He/she has been declared insolvent by a court of law.


A person whose membership has been terminated or who has resigned may be required to pay the subscription again if his re-admission is approved by the Executive Council.

Application for Membership of NFPC

All naval veterans who fulfil the eligibility criteria above can avail of NFPC Membership. If you wish to apply for membership, either fill the online form or download the offline pdf form, fill in the fields (on the PC), take a printout, sign it and send the scanned copy to us at <[email protected]>.  Along with the form, you have to pay a lifetime membership fee of Rs 2000/- either by cheque or online to the NFPC bank account, details of which are as follows:-

  • Account Name : Navy Foundation Pune Chapter
  • Savings Account No: 051810100002836
  • Bank & Branch : Bank of India, Salunke Vihar Branch, Pune-411022
  • IFSC Code : BKID0000542
  • Click here for an image of cancelled cheque. 

Registration on NFPC Website

All NFPC members can also register on the NFPC website, wherein they will have access to information not available to the general public, such as guidebooks, policy letters, aide memoires, minutes of meetings and much more. They can also contribute their views through blog posts for the benefit of other members. All they need to do is fill up a simple online registration form.