Medical Facilities

Naval veterans in Pune have access to a number of medical facilities. These include ECHS Polyclinics and excellent military hospitals. Brief details of these facilities are placed below.

ECHS Facilities

The Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was approved by the Government on 30 Dec 2002 and was launched on 01 April 2003. The aim of the Scheme is to provide quality medical facilities and treatment to Ex-Servicemen pensioners and their dependents for all known diseases.

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Military Hospitals

Pune has three main military hospitals – the Command Hospital (CH)AICTS (formerly known as MH CTC), and MH, Kirkee. In addition, the Armed Forces Medical College is opposite the old Command Hospital location. In addition, INHS Asvini, the largest Naval Hospital in the country is also available to veterans who wish to visit Mumbai.

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Service eHealth And Teleconsultation (SeHAT) OPD is a free online medical teleconsultation service, which is available to all entitled personnel of the three Services. It provides video-based clinical consultations between a doctor in a hospital and an entitled patient in the confines of his or her home.

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