Following the Adm JG Nadkarni Memorial Lecture, NFPC members adjourned for lunch and thereafter reassembled for the AGM. The AGM was called to order by Cdr Sudheer Nadgouda, who requested one minute silence in the memory of veterans and Veer Naaris who left for their heavenly abode since the last AGM held on 14 Apr 19. He also welcomed all new (23) members who had joined since then.

The first item on the agenda was the passing of the previous AGM Minutes of Meeting unanimously by the members. The audited balance sheet was then presented by Cdr Mohan Philip, VP & Treasurer to the forum and was also passed without any objection. The President and other Management Committee members were also re-nominated and re-elected unopposed.

In his concluding remarks, the President NFPC thanked each and everyone present on behalf of his team and also for re-electing him for the fifth term consecutively as President. He also thanked both Cdr. Mohan Philip & Cdr. Sudheer Nadgouda for their unstinted support and untiring efforts.

A point was raised by Cmde Ajay Chitnis during the ‘Open House’ when he suggested that NFPC should arrange additional events such as trips abroad etc. The President explained that while this had been tried in the past without any success, he would definitively try and arrange such a trip again.

Interaction with CDA (N) Team

The AGM was followed by an interactive session between the NFPC Members and a team deputed by PCDA (Navy), comprising Shri N P Shivatare, IDAS, ACDA (N) and Shri Jajdish Sapkale, Group A officer (N). NFPC was fortunate to be the first Chapter to host the CDA (N) team during their first outstation interactive session on 03 Oct. The session commenced with a short presentation by Shri Sapkale on the new ePPO system that had been initiated for veterans, wherein he also explained the problems that were faced, mainly by pre-2016 retirees, as also the measures that had been put in place by PCDA (Navy) to resolve them. This was followed by an animated interaction with the veterans. The team gave a patient hearing to all veterans and satisfactorily replied to all queries, which was well appreciated by all.

In addition to the CDA (N) team, Cmde S Ramaswamy, LOIC NAVPEN along with Lt Cdr. AS Shekhawat SSO (Pensions); CRSO (West), and a rep from DESA also actively participated in the interaction.

A Vote of Thanks was delivered on completion of the session by Cmde Ajay Chitnis.

Click here for more photos of AGM and here for the full Minutes of the Meeting.