Refer to useful and important guidebooks and policy documents on pension, CSD, and ECHS and download aide memoires that can help you keep track of important matters

A list of commonly used forms required by veterans from time to time are collated and tabulated here for easy reference

A list of important contacts that veterans may need to call up or email from time to time is available here.

Veterans may be required to visit the Zila Sainik Welfare Office for official purposes, CSDs for shopping for essentials as well as select consumer goods and vehicles, as well as recreational institutes and Clubs such as Rajendra Sinhji Messes and Institutes and Southern Star Training Area and Sports Complex. Details of all these facilities are available in this section.

Several magazines and journals published by various organisations, as well as books on the history of the Indian Navy and biographies of naval heroes and leaders of previous generations may be accessed here.

Records of previous Annual General Meetings and Governing Council Meetings of the Navy Foundation may be viewed here