Actions on Death of a Veteran

In the unfortunate event of a veteran’s death, there are various actions – some immediate, others as a follow-up – that the spouse and next of kin may be required to take. Some of these are placed below for reference but are not all-encompassing.

Immediate Actions

  • If the deceased had registered with an Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation (ORBO) for the donation of organs, they should be informed immediately to do the needful.
  • Inform relatives and friends.
  • Decide the time, date and place where the funeral is to be carried out.
  • Inform DESA and CRSO, WNC so that they may inform the CNS and C-in-C WNC respectively, who may wish to depute representatives to lay wreaths on their behalf. The CRSO would also arrange for a guard to be paraded during the funeral, along with the laying of wreaths.
  • Inform Secretary, Navy Foundation Pune Chapter for passing to all NFPC members, for those who wish to attend the funeral and/or pay their condolences.
  • Obtain a Death Certificate from the Hospital/Attending Doctor or a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Arrange an ambulance/hearse for carrying the body to the crematorium/burial ground.
  • Arrange material required for cremation/burial.
  • Obtain cremation/burial certificate from the crematorium/burial ground authority on completion of the funeral.
  • The hospital’s / doctor’s death certificates and cremation/burial certificate are to be submitted to Municipal Authorities (Depth of Registration of Births and Deaths) along with an application for the issue of the Death Certificate. The death can also be now registered online and an application for death certificate submitted on the PMC Care Web site.
  • Obtain at least 30 original copies of the Death Certificate (and also get an additional 10-20 notarised true copies). These are required to be submitted with all claims as well as various other applications for transmission of the deceased’s accounts.
Arrangement for Assured Dignified Last Rites at Pune Cantt Board Crematorium

Pune Cantt Board (Muktidham) crematorium is available to veterans of the Army, Navy, and Air Force and open to all ranks (officers, JCO, or their dependents). Both gas and traditional cremation facility are available. Charges are as follows:-

  • Gas cremation charges – Rs 250/-
  • Traditional cremation charges – Rs 4000/- approx
  • Charges for religious teacher – Rs 4000/- (incl dahan samagri)
  • Hearse van charges
    • Within cantt limits – Nil
    • Outside cantt limits – Rs 60/- for the first 5 kms and Rs10/- per km thereafter.
Contact details
  • SO (Cantt) – Lt Col Vikas Savalge – 9422363077
  • Crematorium – Dhanraj – 9028315779
  • Cantonment Board Hospital – 020-29912891

Follow Up Actions

  • In the case of death due to an accident, lodge an FIR at the nearest police station at the earliest. This will be required for claims on Insurance Companies as well as for processing payment of compensation by the concerned authorities.
  • Inform IHQ MoD(N)/DOP/DPA, PCDA(N) Mumbai (Post 1986 retirees)/ PCDA(P), Allahabad (Pre 1986 retirees), and DESA (sample).
  • Apply for demise grant to CRSO (form / letter) as per Assured Decent Last Rites Scheme (ADLRS).
  • Inform NAVPEN (application forms for family pension).
  • DNPF (for PRDIES claim) (instructions and claim forms).
  • Inform Pension Authority
    • In case the pensioner has migrated to SPARSH system, inform the SPARSH Cell at PCDA (Pensions), Allahabad about the death of the pensioner online through this link (see video). You would require a scanned copy of the death certificate. Thereafter, apply for family pension using this link on the SPARSH portal (see video). A clarification on both these functions, issued by PCDA (P) may be accessed here.
    • In case the pensioner has not opted to migrate to SPARSH, inform the Bank (Pension Disbursing Authority)of the demise of the pensioner, asking them to discontinue service pension and commence payment of family pension of the spouse/ NOK/ heir. Enclose an ink signed death certificate (on receipt) and copy of PPO (sample letter).
  • Return the deceased pensioner’s identity card to the nearest Depot Ship/ CRSO for further disposal (draft letter).
  • Inform the concerned Zila Sainik Board and return the deceased pensioner’s ESM Identity Card (draft letter).
  • Apply for a new widow identity card to Zila Sainik Board (draft letter).
  • Inform Regional HQ of ECHS and return the deceased pensioner’s ECHS Card (draft letter).
  • Apply to CSD for a new Canteen Smart Card (draft letter).
  • Inform RSAMISSTASC and other clubs in which membership held by the veteran for either transfer of membership to widow or for a refund of security deposits.
  • Apply to PMC/PCMC for transfer of property tax payments (application form).
  • Apply to AFNHB / Society as applicable for the transfer of house/flat in the name of the widow and for mutation in the Share Certificate. (AFNHB procedure and forms)
  • Inform the concerned ElectricityWaterGas and Telephone Authorities for transfer of the connection in the name of the NOK.
  • Inform Rationing Authority for change of name of Head of Family in the Ration Card (form).
  • Inform Regional Transport Office (RTO) to transfer the car/two-wheeler / any other automobile to the NOK (guidelines and forms).
  • Inform Income Tax Authority for finalizing the tax return of the deceased.
  • Inform other banks where the veteran was holding accounts for transmission to joint holder(survivor)/nominee/beneficiary/heir.
  • Inform Licensing Authority of the Police for transfer of Private Fire Arms (procedure).
  • Inform insurance companies for making claims, in respect of any insurance policies held by the deceased as ‘life assured.’
  • If the deceased Ex-Serviceman has made out a Will, contact the executor to apply for the ‘Probate of WILL’ in the appropriate court having jurisdiction for mutation of property, transfer of shares etc. In case there is no Will, the legal heirs (normally the spouse and children) would have to apply for a Succession Certificate from the appropriate court.
  • Inform the concerned Post Office for settlement of deposits of Saving Bank Account, NSS, NSC, PPF etc.